Update #33 – Wheels in motion

2016/11/11 on Turmoil by Aryeh

Hi all,
We’re getting into the rhythm of updating more regularly once more. Today’s update is not huge, but there are some good fixes and a nice new feature. Using your mouse wheel to send Wagons to factories for instance. You won’t have to click anymore if you so choose.
Also important in today’s update is the fact that the AI in Normal Mode has been upgraded. Anyone who watched our live streams on Twitch (www.twitch.tv/gamiousdev) will have noticed that our AI competition was not buying enough upgrades. That has been fixed.

Here is the entire changelist. We will be posting a new In The Pipeline article next week to tell you what we are working on in the coming weeks and months. So stay posted here!

Clicking on a building will now open AND close a dialog window. So you don’t have to click X if you don’t want to.
Mouse wheel scroll can now be used to assign Wagons to factories. You have to hover above the factories to make this work.
Our new game icon should now also appear in the taskbar.

Fixed AI not buying enough upgrades. This will also make them score better on their levels!
Fixed the apostrophe missing in Dollar amounts above 1 million.
Fixed a few Windows sticking out on the bottom.
Fixed Oil sticking out of Wagons.
Fixed Oil being drawn over snow where it should not.