Hi all,
Welcome to our newest post of our ‘In the Pipeline’ series. This is our way of letting you know what we are working on, what we are thinking about and what we know we want to do:

In the Pipeline will contain all the items that are literally and figuratively in the pipeline. This will (but does not have to) include crashes to fix, bugs to splat, player suggestions to incorporate and improvements to make that we feel are necessary for the next update.

It’s time to update you on the state of the game and future plans. Players who tuned into the live streams on Twitch (www.twitch.tv/gamiousdev) already heard about it. But here it is for the rest of you:

We’re currently working on two updates. One is a Localization update that adds new languages. The second is an upgrade to the Single Level system. This should allow for a more fun Single Level experience and more re-playability. It will also add the Bonus Island as a re-playable Single Level.

We hope to give you both updates before the end of the year. starting with the Single Level update this week! But we’re not entirely sure if we can manage that. If we don’t, you’ll get one update in the next two weeks and one at the start of 2017.

What about after those two updates? Well, as always, we’re not sure yet. But we do like to investigate the possibility of more content in the form of a new map/areas. And if we do, we would probably want to add a game mechanic to the game. IF we go that direction we will consider releasing it as paid DLC. We’re also considering more drastic changes to the Single Level game mode that would allow for Leaderboards and Challenges.

Full disclosure: We can’t/won’t promise anything besides the aforementioned updates. We love Turmoil and we want to continue working on it, but in the end the (business) decision needs to make sense in order to keep working on it.

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