Hi all,
So, as promised, here is the first of two updates: Replay Bonus Island. After this we will work on a localization update and try to bring you that ASAP.

The big difference that today’s update brings is that you get control over how you play Single Levels. And that will make it more FUN! We’ve added sliders in the Area select screen that correspond with the Seed number. You will be able to determine how much Oil, Gas and Rock are in a level.
We have also added a new area: the Bonus Island! The island will have MAX Oil, Gas and Rock as that is the way it should be played. It is unlocked when you win the campaign. This brings re-playability of the Bonus Island to you for the first time! And we’re quite happy with that.

The Seed number is now a bit longer: 10 digits. This was necessary to incorporate the added custom variables. You can still copy this number and the Area and send it to a friend to have them play the exact same level.

Good luck and have fun!


  • Improved Single Level game mode.