Update #36 – Weekly Challenge

Every week everyone will get one chance (and one chance only!) to play the exact same level.

2017/03/23 on Gamious News, Turmoil

Turmoil in Humble Jumbo Bundle 8!

The Humble Jumbo Bundle 8 is now available at and Turmoil is one of the games that is up for grabs!

2017/03/07 on Gamious News, Turmoil

Update #35 – Language Update 2

We’ve got another update for you. Today we are adding 4 new languages to the game

2017/02/23 on Turmoil

Update #34 – Replay Bonus Island

The big difference that today’s update brings is that you get control over how you play Single Levels.

2016/12/15 on Gamious News, Turmoil