The evolution of Turmoil

2015/03/03 on Turmoil by Aryeh

Turmoil started off as an idea in Jos’ head who translated it to an aweful…uh inspiring piece of Paint-art. Lets look into some Turmoil history!

Turmoil started off as an idea in Jos’ head. The game is about searching for oil, extracting it and selling it at the right price. To explain the idea Jos drew crudely in Windows Paint. This is that Jos Bouman original:

And although the game has seen many alterations and updates, this ‘game design document’ is still as strong as it was in the beginning and leading in our development efforts. The drawing shows the 2D view. Oil and stone in the ground. Rigs, pipes, silos and transport above ground. These are all things that remain in the game until this day.

First Playable

This screenshot shows one of the first playable versions of the game.

Everything is ‘coder art’: oil rigs are green boxes, silos are yellow. Trucks are purple and the Dowser is a sad pixelated gnome. It didn’t matter to us, because we were able to prove gameplay and fun in this version regardless. The UI is actually quite similar to what we have today, but the Pipe button has since been removed. Laying pipes is now automatic when you trace the end of a rig.

The next image is of the first version with actual assets and, although primitive, this brought the game to life. Note that the ‘fill rate’ of trucks, rigs and silos is represented here by a bar above the asset. This later changed to what we have now: these items actually filling up themselves.

Now it was time for some real art so we asked our Game Train artist Jan-Maarten Nachtegeller to create a piece of concept art to determine the style. You’ll notice that the trucks have been replaced by horses. This is when the Pennsylvania Oil rush became our leading ‘theme’ for the game. From this screenshot the Left and Right Inc. (places where the player sells the oil) are still in the game today, as well as the “fog of war” covering the ground layer and the background.



The final image is the current state of the game. You can see how the concept art transferred into the game. The rigs, silos and horse carriages are all filling up with oil visually now. You can see here that UI is in place and resembles the concept work in some way. But this is still very much a work in progress. Oh, and Left and Right Inc are in their rightful places yet again ;-)

We are planning to bring the game to Steam Early Access to get people to play the game and help in our development. Are you excited to try the game?

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