Hi all,
We are up to version 1.2.6 of Turmoil. Update #37 – Audio Bully is dedicated to a number of fixes, most importantly the audio bug that repeated certain sound effects continuously. Another bigger fix is that players will now be able to play without an online connection again. After the Weekly Challenge update that was not possible any more.

Here is the full changelist:


  • Audio – Added a reset sound button to the pause menu that will stop all sounds for a moment. Use this when sound gets stuck in a loop.
  • UI – Fixed several missing hover sounds, incorrectly centered text and positioning of a few sprites.
  • Crash – Game should no longer crash when incorrectly loading the weekly challenge (Steam)
  • Campaign – William now correctly shows up on level 6 to tell you that the new level length is 12 months.



  • Loading times between screens are now shorter.
  • Added a confirmation window when returning to main menu from the town.
  • Land auction – The AI opponents now take less time to bid on land when playing on a slower computer.
  • Localization – Updated several Russian translations.
  • Localization – Reduced the scale of some texts that did not fit on specific translations.