Alpha Update #3

2017/06/29 on Team Racing League by Aryeh

Hi all,

We just updated the build! It took longer than we expected and hoped for. Due to a necessary Unity update and us releasing the single-player demo. Biggest additions include Roasting (a new mechanic) and a complete Tutorial. More details on the update below.

In preparation of the Early Access launch and our visit to Gamescom in Cologne, Germany this August, we’re working on getting the final features into the game that we believe are required before launch. These are Twitch integration, a Team system (similar to Clans) and Trophies to show off your skills.

Besides the major talking points below we changed a bunch of small stuff. We hope you enjoy the update!


  • Roasting – We’ve added a new mechanic to the game that can be used in two ways:
  • -The Afterburner is a solo ability, which lets players overheat their flames in order to roast blocks or opponents.
  • -The Flamethrower does the same, but can only be activated when two teammates connect. The double flames will burn stuff even faster.
  • Solo Boost – Solo Boost got even more powerful. Boost into other players to make their vehicle go totally berserk or use it to disable enemy abilities, like anchor mode or roadblock.


Game Content

  • Training – You can now practice and experiment with the game’s mechanics in Training mode, our Tutorial.
  • Lighting – We’ve upgraded some visual effects, like drifting, smoke, flames and explosions, to make ‘m even more sexy and shiny.
  • Menu – The menu got a complete overhaul. The homepage now contains news, social buttons and we’ve added new backgrounds everywhere.
  • Music – We’ve added a new background music track, bringing the total to 3 different tracks. A win or loss tune was also added, depending on your race results.
  • 2v2 race – In this build, the game will also start with 4 players in the lobby, should you not be able to find 6 players in total. It may not be as fun and complete as a 3v3 race, but it’s a whole lot better than waiting!