Weekly Challenge Anniversary

2017/09/07 on Turmoil by Jos

This week marks the 25th time that a Weekly Challenge is underway. We’ve never really given it much attention, so this feels like a good opportunity. Personally, I’ve enjoyed it a lot. And I’m not the only one. Each week, at least 1500 players take on the nerve-wracking challenge to earn as much cash a possible in just one try. It’s way more popular than we expected it to be. A big thank you to all you for that!

Also unexpected is the high level of play. This may sound arrogant, but I did not expect that I’d have such a hard time getting to the top of the ranks. I succeeded in doing this only twice (my nickname is JB), and it took me all of my skills, knowledge, experience and a bit of luck to get the highest score. It’s very humbling, as one of the creators of the game, to get beaten pretty badly every now and then. There are a few players that pop up in the top 10 very frequently and seem to be absolute masters of the game. One of them (老沐城) has won the challenge three times. Two other players (Theos and Remensto) have won it two times. A special mention must be given to 90573ice, who finished in the top 10 countless times, including a couple of second place finishes, but has not yet won it. Should be a matter of time!

Levels with gas still seem to be quite difficult for the majority of players. While we’ve made a couple of videos that explain how to best make use of it, based on the widespread rankings, it remains a quite complicated challenge. At the moment, we’re hard at work on a new campaign which will be available as DLC in a while. It will still have natural gas, but we’ve made some good progress in making the oil price boosting mechanic more accessible. Expect more on Turmoil’s upcoming DLC in our next post. In the meantime, good luck with this week’s Weekly Challenge. It’s Bonus Island’s turn again. Small tip: if you don’t need 40 fully upgraded wagons, you’re doing it wrong! ;)

Happy drilling!