Briquid Bundle now live!

Double your puzzle fun on your tablet.The Briquid Bundle just launched! That means Briquid classic + Briquid Mini for just €1.79 / $1.99!

2014/12/04 on Briquid

Briquid Mini: One Week Later

One week ago, Briquid Mini finally released on iOS all over the world. Time to take a look at where the water’s flowing.

2014/11/13 on Briquid

Make a Splash for Briquid Mini!

Briquid Mini is coming to iPhone and iPad on November 6! Celebrate with us and get ready to “Make a Splash”. You might win the game!

2014/11/02 on Briquid

Briquid Mini splashes its way to iOS

Briquid Mini finally has a release date! Get it on your iPhone and iPad next week and watch the release trailer to get ready.

2014/10/29 on Briquid

Small Briquid Mini Update

Just a little update on Briquid Mini and how the development is going.

2014/09/26 on Briquid